Sunday, December 23, 2018

A change of ways

I wake up everyday and scroll down the feed
Only stopping, when I see something
Of which I don’t agree.
And confess my irritations
For some reason,  I feel I must
Which results in feedback
Where I’m insulted, and/or cussed.
So, what good did it do to speak my mind?
Knowing I would never change theirs.
Besides, who is right and who is wrong?
And truly, who really cares?
So from now on when I wake up
And I begin scrolling from high to low
I think I’ll make the world a better place.
And, maybe, just maybe...…. Let it go.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


Today I knelt down to pray
To the sky way up above
In hopes that God would hear my plea
And shower me with love.

So through tears and gasps for precious air
I revealed all my plight
From start to finish, I confessed
Almost all through the night.

And after I was done I waited
And then I waited some more
Till the moon rose, once again above the sky
And the seas ran away from the shore.

But no reply came from the darkened clouds
Not even a whisper of truth.
So a question bogged my brain
“God, where are you?”

So I sat for another night
Till my knees were sore to the bone.
I once again released all my thoughts
Hoping God was even home.

And then I waited one more full day
And the sun rose up then fell.
And I knelt for even a bit longer still
Till I heard the toll of the bells.

And still no answer came from Him.
And my heart became heavy so.
And through tears that fell down my cheeks, I cried
“God, where did you go?”

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Light Fantastic

My memories have become fragmented
Like a lightning storm, only in reverse
And the harder I try to recollect them
The waves becomes too dangerous to traverse.

So I took a trip on the Light Fantastic
Boarded that ship to escape the war
I rolled the current, fast and hard
But I can’t remember how far.

Then at the end I had to abandon ship
And the captain waved at me , goodbye
The sea had stolen my memories from me
And I miss them, but can’t remember why.

And now I sit in a chair built for two
Staring at the pictures above the bar
Raising my glass to people that I once knew

But now, don’t even know who they are.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

I once fell in love

I once fell in love with the sun
But her lips burned my skin
I once fell in love with the moon
But her shell was too hard to break in.

I once fell in love with the ocean
But she became far too deep
I once fell in love with a passing cloud
But all she could do was weep.

I once fell in love with a song
But her melodies melted me away.
Then I fell in love with her sister silence
And as in all things, she could not stay.

I once fell in love with truth
But she told me all things end
I then fell in love with a lie
She told me she’d always be my friend.

And then I fell in love with love
And she put your hand in mine
I then fell in love with you
And left the rest behind.

Friday, August 24, 2018

The Storyteller

The Story Teller

Joseph had been a storyteller his whole life. Ever since he was a small boy, he had been writing and telling stories about every subject he could think of. Some were true stories that he may have embellished a bit but most were complete fiction and fantasy. He had never failed to entertain and capture the attention of any he happened to have as an audience at the time.

He was now eighty-three years old and time had caught up with him. Now when he walked he felt every muscle ache and strain. His joints were weak and frail and his mind had even began to fade. His stories were becoming thinner and sometimes had no ending because he had forgotten what he was saying.
Now, alone in his house, he sat on the edge of his bed, still dressed in his long blue robes, and ran his hand down his long white beard. He was tired and somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew this might be the last night he had. He smiled at that thought because he was tired, inside and out. He had had a great life and brought joy to many children and adults with his stories. It was what he was good at. He had never made much money at it, but one does not become a storyteller to make riches. A storyteller gets rich off the smiles and the clapping of those tiny hands at the end of one of his tales. He could still hear the children’s laughter and yells for one more story in his head.
With that last thought he drifted off to sleep. A sleep he knew he may never wake. But wake he did, although, it was only a dream. He opened his eyes and the blazing sun shone down upon him. He could feel the warmth of its rays permeating his robes. Heating his skin. He looked around and saw he was laying on a mound of sand. He was in the desert. Nothing around him for as far as he could see in any direction.
He wasn’t panicked, if anything, he was quite calm. The one thing he did find odd though was that he could think very clearly here. If this was a dream, in his experience, they were always confusing and not much was under his control. But here, it felt real. He bent down and grabbed a handful of sand and let it fall through his fingers. It felt very real, he thought.
He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he knew he couldn’t just stand here in the sun. So he picked a direction and began to walk. His long robes trailing a bit behind him in the sand. At first the sun was very hot but now he felt no heat at all. He should be sweltering underneath the thick robes he wore, but he was actually cool. He continued on. And on for what seemed like miles, yet he was not tired. He should have been completely wiped out by now, but he wasn’t.
As he walked he got a glimpse of something up ahead. An oasis. He squinted and saw a small body of water with palm trees even on both sides. He didn’t feel hot or thirsty, yet, it was a destination so he walked that way.
As he approached closer, maybe ten feet away, he saw, what appeared to be, a blond haired woman in a white dress, sitting on a small fallen log next to the small pond.
“Excuse me miss…. Are you alright?” He asked the woman, her back still to him. She turned around slowly and she smiled. “Hello Joseph….. I’ve been expecting you. Please come sit with me.” And she patted the spot on the log next to her.
When he saw the woman’s face and her smile, admittedly, he felt such joy he almost fell to his knees. He managed to snap out of it and went over next to her. She held out her hand and he took it. She guided him around the log and he sat next to her. She looked at him with eyes so blue you could have sworn the oceans were created from them.
“How do you know me miss? I don’t think we’ve ever met…. Although my memory is a bit fuzzy these days.” She smiled a bit brighter and laughed the smallest of chuckles under her breath. “Oh Joseph…. We’ve met. It was a long time ago though..” Her eyes now focused solely on his. Memories flashed through his head and he knew now who she was. “Oh my.” was all he could muster.
Once he regained his composure he spoke. “I’m sorry, I guess I thought you were an old man.” and he chuckled. She placed her hand on his bearded cheek, “Most old men do.” They both laughed at this like old friends reminiscing about the good old days.
Her face suddenly became more serious and she placed her hands in her lap and looked over the waters. “Joseph….. I called you here because I need you to do something for me.” His eyes widened with astonishment at her request. He simply could not believe she would need anything from him. He was an old man and, up until a few seconds ago, was convinced he was dead and this was Heaven.
“What is it miss? What can I do for you?” He asked her. She took his hand once more and looked into his eyes. “Joseph, you have a gift for storytelling. I have listened and read everything you have ever done. Ever told. Ever thought about. It has truly been a highlight of my...well, life as you would say.”
Her admiration for his life’s work was astonishing and he could not help the smile that crept at the corners of his mouth. “Thank you very very much miss. That means, well, more than you know. Or, maybe you do know.” he laughed. She smiled but it faded quickly.
“Joseph, humanity is dying. Leaders of nations are always fighting. Wars are bringing higher and higher deaths. The turmoil they create infect others with famine and disease. It’s getting worse and worse and I need you to stop it.”
Now he was confused and his brow shown this emotion in a deep crease between to white eyebrows. He was aware of the world and all the terrible goings on, but there was very little he could do to save the Earth.
She spoke again, “I need you to just do one thing. A very simple thing that I know you are the best at doing. I want you to tell a story.”
He looked over the water and back to her, “How can a story change the world? I mean, I don’t think any of my stories could do such a thing. Can you explain how I can do such a miracle?”
“Joseph, I’m going to whisper something into your ear. It is just an idea. A small glimpse of something bigger than anything you could imagine. And what I want you to do is create a story. And then tell that story to the ones who need to hear it. Ok?”
He nodded, a bit nervously, and she leaned over and cupped his ear with her hand and whispered a few small words. Words he had never heard before and seemed to unlock parts of his mind that had always lived in silence. When she was done she let him go and he trembled slightly.
“Joseph, I know you are an old man now and expected tonight to be your last night, but this will not be so. In fact, as long as your stories need to be heard, you will not die. You will not feel pain or be tired. You will be my Storyteller and save the world. Will you do this for me? You do have a choice.”
He listened to her words and thought about it. He thought about the journey ahead of him and the life he left behind. But not for one instance did he think about denying her request. This was something he had to do. This is the thing he was born to do.
“I will do it miss. I will travel the world and tell the story. The best I can. For you.”
Just then, he opened his eyes and he was laying in his bed, safe at home.

The first few thoughts that swam through his mind was that he was not dead as he was sure he was going to be and that the dream he had just had was so strange. So real. And as his mind cleared, more than it had been in a long time, he remembered what the woman had whispered into his ear. This made him sit up very quickly. A bit too quick for an eighty-three year old should be able to do. Yes, he thought. It was real, or real enough. And he had work to do.


Many months had passed and Joseph had traveled far and wide, sharing his story to those who needed it. His travels had now taken him to the land of sand.
He sat at the head of a table in a large cathedral. On either side before him sat many men in different colored uniforms. Each brandishing many medals and stars.
On one side of the table sat all the leaders from the country to the East. And on the other side were the leaders of the country to the West.
They bickered and argued at each other. Throwing curse words and hateful comments back and forth like a tennis match.
Joseph saw this and stood up. His sudden rising caused the others to see him perhaps for the first time. “Can I please have your attention sirs?” Joseph asked them ever so politely.
The main leader of the country to the East spoke up, “Why are we here old man? What is it that you want?”
Joseph smiled and stood all the way up spreading out his hands to the two warring countries. “All I want is to….. Tell you a story.”

Many hours passed or maybe it had only been minutes as time had ceased to exist inside the cathedral. When Joseph had completed his story he thanked them all for coming and bid them a good day then left out the back door. His robes making a swishing noise as he hurriedly left. He never liked to stay for the after effects of his story. He knew them all too well.
When the men finally emerged out the double doors to the front there were many reporters waiting for them like hungry hounds waiting for a meal.
They yelped and yipped and shoved microphones into faces. The leader of the country to the West grabbed one of the microphones and began to speak.
“We have an announcement to make. As of this day, we will no longer be two countries at each other’s throats driven by hate and fear. No no no, from this day forward…. We are one country, no longer separated by borders and segregated by differences. We will forever be one country in peace.” He handed the mic back to the reporter and smiled broadly.
The reporter wasn’t finished yet though. “Not that this isn’t wonderful news, but why the change of hearts?”
All of the men smiled now, shook hands and laughed. And that laughter and goodwill continued for hundreds of years. It spread like a virus to everyone they came into contact with. Spreading peace like the common cold.


Centuries had passed and Joseph found himself walking down an old dirt road in the middle of nowhere. It would seem his journey had come to an end as he had been everywhere and told his story to all who needed to hear it. So now he just walked and listed to the birds chirping and the wind rustling through the trees. He looked up at the bright sun and remembered that day in the desert. Oh so very long ago that was.
When his eyes came back down to the road he stopped suddenly as the woman he remembered with the blonde hair and white dress stood before him. She radiated a rainbow of colors and her smile brought joy to his old heart. “Well miss, aren’t you a sight for these sore eyes.”
“Oh Joseph, I’m so happy. You have done a great thing for the people. You have brought them together with your story. Thank you so much.” And she placed her hand against his bearded cheek like before, cradling his head. “
“I’ve been everywhere miss and I think it may be time to go home now, am I right?” He asked her while pointing up towards the heavens.
“Almost Joseph, almost. Just one more time I think.” And she pointed across the old dirt road to two small boys fighting. One was a white color and one was a black color. They fought and cussed at each other. Calling each other names that fed the racism between them.
Joseph nodded and put his hand on the woman’s shoulder as he walked passed her. He approached the boys and stood above them. They both stopped and looked up at his large blue frame blocking out the sun.
“Maybe you two boys should stop for just a minute, what do ya say? ?mmmm?” Joseph asked them.
The white colored boy replied, “Why? What do you want old man?

Joseph leaned down into their dirty bloody faces and smiled a smile he forgot he even had…...paused…. And then said,

“I want to tell you a story.”

Friday, July 13, 2018

Dress Code

One day I showed up
Standing before the gates
They ushered others in before me
And set me aside to wait.
And when everyone else was in
They turned to me to say
“Um, I’m sorry sir,
But we can’t let you in this way.”
They point to my earrings
And the tattoos on my skin.
“We are very sorry
But we just can’t let you in.”
Then they point to my old hat
That covers up my balding head.
And then the knife I wear on my hip.
“I’m sorry sir, there’s no more to be said.”
One takes me by the arm
And whispers in my ear.
“I am very sorry sir
But you just won’t fit in here.”
Then he points down the stairs and says,
“That’s where you need to go.”
Who would’ve thought
Heaven had a Dress Code.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Read Between The Lines

They stand around me now
Speaking aloud, under their breath
So no one and everyone hears
About me, about death.
They say, “Oh what demons he must have been wrestling!”
And, “If only I would’ve known”
“I would've done something!”
A few, “Well he’s at peace now, he’s at rest.”
Truth is I wouldn’t be here if they just took the time
To read the rest.

Take the time
To read every word
Every verse, every rhyme.
Decode the message
I was conveying.
My words spoke like actions
On my knees and praying.
That someone, anyone, was paying attention.
And understood my writing and it’s hidden intention.

Some say, “He was so young, gone too soon.”
“Oh no, the caterers are leaving, better get some food.”
“I haven’t eaten yet…. What if it’s all gone?”
“Oh, what? Yea…. He WAS so young.”

Same old shit, I write and I post.
Nobody ever reads it, well, at least most.
Those that do seem to like my ideas and my flow
I just wish they would’ve really read the words
Then maybe….. I don’t know.

But hey, it’s alright.
It’s ok.
Stuff like this happens everyday.
People walk around all the time
Convincing others,” Oh, I’m fine.”
But they’re not and the truth is
They just want someone to
Read between the lines.